Saturday, December 20, 2014

New full changelogs for KDE Applications releases

With 14.12.0 we've introduced full changelogs for KDE Applications releases; you can see it at

To generate this changelog we diff from previous release to the released one and use the commit message with a few annotations for stuff like REVIEW: BUG: etc.

This means the world is now going to see your commits more so spend 3 seconds when writing them instead of 0.5 ;)

If someone wants to improve the page (I'd like to have a checkbox that shows only commits that fix bugs) please contact me :)

The code lives in the release-tools repo (this is probably my longest python script, so be gentle ;))

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

KDE End of Year Fundraising cards are being sent out!

We ordered some samples to make sure they looked good, and here they are here!

If you want some, we will send them to you as gift if you donate to the KDE End of Year 2014 Fundraising

P.S: If you made a donation that qualifies for a postcard gift before this monday and have not received an email from me asking which design and to which address you want the postcards sent please contact me at

Friday, November 14, 2014

Keywords vs X-KDE-Keywords on .desktop files

Seem similar, do they? But they have a *radical* difference, one is "old" (X-KDE-Keywords) and the other is "new" (Keywords). The "new" one is also an xdg standard and as such the separator is ';'. The old one is just a KConfig string list and thus the separator is ','.

Great isn't it?

X-KDE-Keywords uses , for separation
Keywords uses ; for separation

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Third design added for the KDE End of Year 2014 Fundraising Campaign!

I hope you know we're running a Fundraiser Campaign in KDE land. As a way to say thank you donors over 30€ get a postcard.

Today we've announced the last of the three designs you can choose as a gift when donating.

Donate and get a physical copy of it ;)

Friday, November 07, 2014

KDE Gardening Love Project: KRecipes

KRecipes has been in 2.0beta since 2010 so we decided it will be our next Love Project.

* We want to release 2.0 "quickly" and then 2.1 in one/two months.
* Migrate over to
* Migrate contents over to
* Add krecipes group to reviewboard that mails the KDE mailing list
* Add krecipes to jenkins that mails the mailing list
* Make sure bugs/reviewboards are defaulted to and go thorugh
* Port some of the Qt3Support code (make sure don't break stuff) :D

We will be updating this list at

If you want to join the initiative please join the KDE Gardening mailing list and announce yourself :)

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

K3b 2.0.3 released

K3b 2.0.3 can be downloaded from

I don't have access to so can't update the news there, shows why the Manifesto is such an important thing.

Changelog since 2.0.2:
* Fixed crash in MetaItemModel on submodel item removal
* Fixed Solid predicates for AudioCd and VideoDvd media. BUG: 265819
* Set error status when CDDB query fails.
* Prefer growisofs to wodim for DVD/BluRay burning.
* Fixed improper track number in CDDB track edit window title. BUG: 276681
* Fixed crash on detecting writing speeds. BUG: 272427
* Fix problem with HL-DT-ST BH10LS30. BUG: 268307
* Fixed compilation with new FFMPEG. BUG: 274817 BUG: 300731
* Allow using CD-R90 and CD-R99 media to full capacity. BUG: 276002
* Refactor the FreeBSD SCSI/CAM interface.
* Fix crash on dvd ripping
* fix sox detection with sox >= 14.4.0. BUG: 301544
* Support more media types. BUG: 261652
* Fix file system detection. BUG: 325616 BUG: 262607
* Surround output filename for transcode with double quotes. BUG: 326097
* Fix FILE name and type detection for cue sheet images. BUG: 337201
* Rip audio tracks in ascending numerical order. BUG: 319678
* Upstream patches from NetBSD.
* Make paranoia lib detection better.
* Don't preview if called process failed. BUG: 268680
* Fix Crash while remove songs in "Mixed mode CD proyect". BUG: 323117
* Use QElapsedTimer to calculate remaining time. BUG: 330239 BUG:315463
* Fix crash in lsof wrapper. BUGS: 340515

This marks the end of the "Gardening Love Project", I'll still be subscribed
to the k3b list but won't do any more than some lurking

I think someone should stand up and start thinking for a 2.1 release.

Monday, November 03, 2014

New postcard design added for the KDE End of Year 2014 Fundraising Campaign!

You probably know we're running a Fundraiser Campaign in KDE land. As a way to say thank you donors over 30€ get a postcard.

Today we've announced the second of three designs we are planning.

Donate and get a physical copy of it ;)